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polished garden pebbles

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polished garden pebbles

Polished garden pebbles are a great addition to every exterior, but to keep them in good condition, a little maintenance is needed. As every other natural material, they can get dirty. After all, you put them on your paths to walk on them!

First thing first, you will need to wash your pebbles after laying. Polished garden pebbles are quarried, so it is possible that they will be covered in quarry dust. Use a hose to rinse the dust off and see the true shine of your pebbles.

Secondly, when it comes to walkways and driveways, rake your stones around from time to time. Pebbles can get dirty from oil or car tires. Raking helps get the grime off and keep the driveway or parking spot even.

If you want your polished garden pebbles to look as clean as new after some time, a bit more effort is needed. First, hose the rocks on your path, for example, to remove loose dirt. Next, use a gravel screen and a bucket, or a wheelbarrow, depending on how many pebbles there are to wash. Place the screen on the bucket and put the pebbles on the screen. Hose them with a high-pressure nozzle, and they are ready to be put back in their place!
GT Prospect Limited offers a broad selection of garden pebbles in different sizes and colours. Visit to see the products.

messages.published : 2020-11-23

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